Fire Department

Grant County Fire Departmentfire station.jpg

Fire Chief John Crosby has over 25 years on the Fire Department. John is assisted in his duties by six other officers that have a combined service of over 65 years. Each officer has various duties within the department.

The Fire Department currently has 26 members that protect the citizens of Grant County. GCFD will foster teamwork, ethics and high expectations for members to build mutual respect, trust and friendship. GCFD encourages a balance between work and health and will provide an opportunity for members to grow and have fun.

Grant County Fire Department serves the cities of Ulysses and Hickok, as well as the county. The Fire Department coverage is approximately 576 square miles and has a population of 7,790 residents. GCFD provides fire protection, suppression and education to its residents. This protection is provided by one station located on the north side of Ulysses.


GCFD is a quality organization dedicated to answering the needs of the community with highly skilled people who care. Grant County Fire Department strives to be a leader in the community through:

  • Compassion, fairness and integrity practiced in all its endeavors
  • Trust, confidence, and honesty in everything the department does
  • Showing and giving respect
  • Positive, friendly, personal treatment
  • Listening carefully and developing solutions to problems
  • Leaving any situation or problem better than it was found
  • Going above and beyond the standard in service delivery
  • Doing whatever it takes to take care of the community

Officers are charged with the responsibility of:

  • Encouraging teamwork and empowering at all levels
  • Leadership occurring in all levels of the organization
  • Acknowledging people are the most valuable resource
  • Recognizing that fire fighters are all on one team. No one can stand-alone
  • Creativity, innovation, initiative, and enthusiasm
  • Pride in workmanship and equipment
  • Taking personal responsibility for organizational goals
  • Ensuring actions are safe and environmentally sound
  • Individual professional growth and development
  • Learning from successes and failures
  • Safety of members and the community the department serves

Commitment to Community

To the community, the GCFD pledges that it is committed to eliminating threats to life safety and property through education, prevention, and effective response to fire and environmental emergencies.

The GCFD hopes that you find this site useful and visit it often. Any comments or suggestions can be submitted, either by fax or email.