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LEPC Meeting Minutes


September 22, 2005  5:00 PM


The meeting was started at 5:05 PM by Vivian Button with 10 members present:  Richard Everett, John Crosby, Terry Crosby, Cindy Howard-Reeves, Frank Goldsby, Al Baker, David Wagner, Mitzi Stamey, and Sharon Phelps.  Dick Veach, Taylor Summers and Matt Schonlaw from Pioneer Communications were guest.


Dick Veatch, Pioneer Communications, Talked about our choices for Hazard alerts when they go Digital.  Cable override will not be available with Digital.  They have a television channel they are not using, that could be used for alerts for the Grant County area.  This channel could also be used in the other counties they serve for those counties.  The problem is when we use the cable override it goes to all the people and communities who have cable with Pioneer Communications.  It also knocks people off their cable internet.  We have moved the cable override test to 3 AM on Wednesdays for now.  We will discuss this more at a future meeting.  A decision does not have to be made right away.  Mr. Veatch was asked if they could do a crawl across the bottom of the television screen.  He will look into this.


Tetra tech, a firm that KAHD hired to help counties write their FAD Plans, has a Regional meeting for County Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Response Planning set up for the following locations. Greensburg October 3, Garden City October 4, Colby October 5 or, Hays October 6.


National Incident Management System (NIMS) IS 700 class is on internet on the FEMA website.  It is an independent study class that does not take long.  First responders and government officials have to be NIMS complaint before October 2006.   The FEMA website also has many other classes.  It has classes on the Incident Command System that is used when responding to Emergency Calls.  There are four levels of the class.  IS 100, IS200 IS 300 and IS 400


We discussed the 13 pages of the NIMS compliant forms that had to be filled out and returned to Kansas Division of Emergency Management by September 30, 2005.  We will have to update our Policies and Procedures or guidelines to become complaint with NIMS.


Don is in Hancock County Mississippi working in their Emergency Operation Center.


KEMA Conference was attended by Don, Vivian and Al Baker we brought back information on writing Policy and procedures, Ham Radios and People with disabilities in disasters.


Terry Crosby from EMS stated an EMT-I class is being held in Hugoton and an EMT-Basic class is being held in Johnson City,


Mitzi Stamey from the Hospital stated they are trying to get a class on “Medical Management of the Contaminated Patient" brought to Ulysses.       Richard Everett stated that the Southwest Kansas Health Initiative has some training money left and he will see if they will help bring the class to the area.


Cindy Howard Reeves talked about the SHERT (Southwest Hospital Emergency Response Team). 


Dave Wagner talked about the Free Trash – Cleanup days October 1 to October 8.  They are taking E-waste for the first time.  This is computer and Electronic waste.  Liberal is still working on becoming a Household hazardous Waste site and when they get that status he will try to set Grant County up as a Satellite site.


Sharon Phelps from the Health Department stated they would start giving Flu Shots to the High Risk people on October 10 and opened to the community on October 17.


Al Baker from Columbia Chemical stated they are starting construction on the fire damaged area this should take 6 to 9 months.


Next Meeting date October 20, 2005 at 5:00 PM.