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November 18, 2010

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Alfred Baker called the meeting to order at 12:02 PM with 7 members present.  Members present were Alfred Baker, Richard Everett, Jerry Deckert, Danny Law, Frank Goldsby, Sheila Brown and Vivian Button.

Jerry Deckert made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Motion Seconded by Frank Goldsby.   Motion carried.


We are still waiting to hear whether our Debris Management Plan was approved.


The Mitigation Plan was not approved. Our contractor E-Fm consulting is working on fixing the areas that have problems.


Vivian talked to the Commissioners about digitizing the parcel/Tax Maps and it was tabled.  It is something that will have to be done eventually. She is looking into getting more information.


The basic section of the Local Emergency Operation Plan was given out. We will go over the basic plan at the January meeting to see what updates need to be completed. The plan also includes fifteen Emergency Support Function sections.  We will be reviewing these in the coming months.


A new state regional coordinator has not been appointed yet.


We discussed the Kansas Vulnerable Needs Registry. The United Way agency is the contact to register. They are using the 211 number.  This is for people with special needs.  The information will be used to help prepare for a disaster and for a disaster.  It was discussed that information should be taken to the doctor?s offices and to churches to be given out along with the legacy, the assisted living and medical supply facilities. 


The Grant County Health Department held a Point of Distribution (POD) exercise on 10-26-2010 at Pioneer Electric.  They gave flu shots to the employees.  The exercise went very well and the Health Department appreciates and thanks Pioneer Electric for participating in the exercise.


Jerry Deckert stated EMS held a Pediatric Advance Life Support class on November 5 and 6th for 11 people.  Some of the participants were respiratory therapy, registered nurses, and paramedics. They have held several CPR and First Aid classes and have done several standbys at events.  The First Responder training will conclude this week with testing on Saturday, November 20th.


Danny Law with Pioneer Electric stated they are having a problem with responders in their area pulling electric meters.  Just because you pull an electric meter does not mean the electricity has been turned off. Pulling a meter could cause an explosion. Pioneer Electric is glad to conduct electrical training.  The other problem they are having is the big loads that come thru town and disturb the power lines.  They will gladly help them thru town if they will let them know when they are coming to town.


Sheila Brown from Grant County Health Department stated they have finished with their offsite clinics but are still giving flu shots at the office. On December 1 they will stay open until 7:00 PM for an Evening Vaccination Clinic. Free vaccinations will be given to children under the age of 18 who do not have health insurance. Sigma Beta Phi donated funds to the Health Department for TDAP vaccine to help vaccinate adults with families and no health insurance.  The Health Department is promoting the TDAP Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine. Ten children nationwide have died from whooping cough and the source is commonly an adult in the household. 


The LEPC will not meet in December.  The next meeting will be January 20, 2011 at 11:30AM.  PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE.  THE MEETING WILL START AT 11:30AM.


Motion to Adjourn was made by Sheila Brown. Motion seconded by Frank Goldsby.

Time adjourned was 1:05 PM.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Vivian Button.