Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Grant County Fire Department is to provide essential emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens of the Grant County.

Statement of Principles & Values


We must be committed to the ideal that a fire department is a community resource. As such, we shall seek opportunities to provide the best service possible to the citizens of our county in the most cost-effective manner. In addition, it our duty to seek out new areas in which we can provide the service to our citizens.


Each member will hold a level of responsibility commensurate with the authority to which they will be held accountable. If questions should arise regarding their action, members will accept ownership of those actions and avoid placing blame.


It is our duty both as individuals and as a department to demand that our knowledge, skills and abilities reflect our commitment to excellence. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that our body and our mind is capable of performing at or near peak efficiency.


Each member of this department must be willing to examine our performance objectively and thoroughly. When deficiencies are found or better methods are discovered, we must be flexible and have the courage to implement the changes that are necessary to improve the department.


As individuals, we will act in a manner that is appropriate to good behavior and conduct. We, as employees, should always be respectful to the citizens that we protect, members of other services, and the members of our own department. Disrespect should not and will not be tolerated.


As an employee of Grant County, we are held to the highest level of honesty and trust. Our actions should always be sincere and truthful. We will not tolerate those who are dishonest within our department.


As individuals and as an organization we must treat all of the citizens as valued persons. We should be responsive to their needs irrespective of their situation or social stature. We should also treat our fellow firefighters and other members of emergency service as valued family members who need our support and strength to meet the demands of sometimes-stressful situations.


We treat everyone fairly and consistently with due process regardless of personality or position.

Team Orientation

We will work with each other as a team and value each member of that team. Individuals must recognize that the success of our mission depends upon working together cooperatively and valuing the contribution of every employee. Together everyone achieves more.


As individuals within the department we should be proud and represent our department and county in positive manner in our words and actions both on duty and off. Issues and challenges should be approached in a constructive manner.