POD Exercise

Point of Distribution Exercise (POD)

The Grant County Health Department Staff performed the POD exercise with the help of:

  • USD #214 Nursing Staff
  • Sullivan School Students
  • William Hall
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Jodi Pfingston
  • Sullivan School Principal
  • Don Button
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Jerry Jo Deckert
  • Emergency Medical Service Director
  • Richard Everett
  • District Health Department Coordinator
  • Kellie Euliss
  • KULY Radio
  • Tony Cavasos
  • Ulysses Police Department School Resource Officer

These volunteers all joined together to test the ability of health department staff and volunteers in setting up, securing the area, responding to the special needs of patients, operating, completing and then breaking down a point of distribution site. The students still needing the H1N1 vaccine were the participants. The exercise was a success with everyone completing all the tasks assigned.

POD Stations

Image 002 resized (JPG)

Marka Harp brought the children to Jovita Partida and Cheryl Fowler to start the Registration and Dwell Time Study Station.

Image 003 resized (JPG)

Sharon Phelps providing education on the H1N1 vaccine at the Education Station

Image 004 resized (JPG)

Lynette Metcalf and Katrina Benyshek at the First Medical Evaluation and Medication Dispensing Station

Norma Bowen compiles data at the Dwell Time Study Completion Station

Image 005 resized (JPG)

Toni Irvin and Katrina Benyshek at the Second Medical Evaluation and Medication Dispensing Station

Image 006 resized (JPG)

Richard Everett, Don Button, and Sheila Brown evaluating the POD exercise.

Image 007 resized (JPG)

Don Button, William Hall, Tony Cavasos, Jovita Partida and Cheryl Fowler winding down on the completion of the POD exercise.