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February 17, 2005


LEPC Meeting Minutes


            Don Button called the Meeting to order at 7:00 PM with 12 members present and one guest.  Julie Fowler with EMS was the guest.  Members present were Richard Banes, Richard Everett, John Crosby, Sherry Thompson, David Wagner, Tom Kramer, George Bushnell, Sharon Phelps, Raymond Fonseca, Jeff Baier, Don Button and Vivian Button.

            Correction to January minutes Don Button needs to be added to list of attending.

            The Biannual report for the 2004 ODP funds has been complete.  The 2004 ODP Grant Funds should open the first of March.  We have most of the planning done for enhancing the EOC.  The committee for the communication vehicle needs to meet and make some final decision.

            HMEP grants for training have been approved.  Don will meet with the Commissions on Tuesday to sign the paperwork.  We will receive $19,329.72 to send 6 people to the Hazmat Technican Training in Pueblo.  We also will receive $5,412.87 to send 3 people to the Highway Specialist Class.  Eight out of the nine participants have confirmed they will be able to attend.

            Remember the NWS Storm Identification/spotter training meeting March 8, 2005 at the Lawson room Civic Center at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

            Mass fatalities in WMD class in Ulysses on April 13-15 at the media room at Pioneer Communications.  We are applying for Continuing Education Hours for Mortuary and EMS hours.

            Todd and Don have started using the GIS information to help with the county Foreign Animal Disease Planning.  This information was passed around to the committee. 

            Now that we have this new information the FAD Committee need to meet again for some discussion.  KDHE wants all counties to work on pre-determining animal burial sites.  Todd and Don are hopeful that in 5 weeks they will have all of the GIS information.

            Don is involved with the SHERT (Southwest Hospital Emergency Response Team) organization.  They are going to start visiting with Commissioners in their 18 county region to let them know about the Hospital Plans.

            We have received several Tier II reports

            John Crosby said the fire Department is preparing to teach several Fire Extinguisher Classes. 

            Richard Everett stated the Southwest Kansas Health Initiative is meeting next week with a representative from KDHE to go over the Health Departments’ Bio-terrorism Plans.

            George Bushnell stated Pioneer Electric sent 4 employees to Wichita to help restore power after the ice storm.

            Raymond Fonseca invited everyone to BP’s Safe Driving Awareness Day at the Civic Center on April 30 to promote safe driving.  He also stated BP is in the process of upgrading pipeline to better protect the community.

            Dave Wagner was introduced.  He is the new Transfer Station Manager.  The Transfer Station is working on setting up a cost share program with Liberal to take Household Hazardous Waste.

            Tom Kramer with Grant County Road and Bridge said the pump has been installed on the water tanker.  When we have warmer weather Road and Bridge and the Fire Department will hold training.  The work on the Moscow Road Bridge is on hold until warmer weather.

            Sherry Thompson and Sharon Phelps stated they still have Flu Shots at the Health Department.  It is not to late to get a Flu Shot as the Flu season is still here.

            Next meeting March 17, 2005

            Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM.


Meeting Dates for rest of year --April 21, 2005: May 19, 2005: June 16, 2005: July 21, 2005: August 18, 2005: September 15, 2005: October 20, 2005: November 17, 2005:

December 15, 2005