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            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present. Marty Long, Commissioner Elect, also attended the meeting.


            The monthly department head meeting was held with the following in attendance: Tom Kramer, Road Foreman; Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator; Don Button, Emergency Management Coordinator; Mary K. Sullivan, Register of Deeds; Sherry Thompson, Health Department Administrator; and Rita Gee, Treasurer.


            Gene Schwein made the motion to approve the minutes of the December 21, 2004 meeting and the claims against the various funds of the county. Madison Traster seconded the motion. Following discussion the motion passed unanimously.


            Madison Traster made the motion to approve the revisions of the Solid Waste Management Committee. Gene Schwein seconded the motion it passed unanimously.


            Tom Fuhrmann, Landmark Appraisal explained costs and requirements for the new CAMA system.  The commissioners agreed Mr. Fuhrmann could use the special equipment fund if needed for the equipment.


            Gene Schwein made the motion to approve Dr. Johnson as medical consultant for the Grant County Health Department. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


            The commissioners viewed pictures and an update on the Extension Building progress, which Bob Forsen had left for them.


            Frank Goldsby presented a road-crossing permit for Pioneer Communications. The commissioners reviewed and approved the road-crossing permit.


            A local citizen has expressed concern over a broken tree limb hanging in a tree in the courthouse lawn. The clerk’s office contacted Pro-Control Tree Care out of Lakin, Kansas to remove the large limb. They will also give the county a bid on all the trees being trimmed.


            The commissioners reviewed and signed the Facilities and Equipment Agreement for the FY2006 Kansas Airport Improvement Program grant for the installation of a rotating beacon at the airport.


            The commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on January 18, 2005.


Linda McHenry, Clerk                                                              Carl Higgs, Chairman