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DECEMBER 15, 2005


Attending the LEPC meeting were Sherry Thompson, Richard Everett, Jeff Baier, John Crosby, Mitzi Stamey, Alan Olson, Miguel Ochoa, David Wagner, Tom Kramer, Frank Goldsby, Jason Nelson, Mark Pata. Sharon Phelps, Beverly Myers, John Leisher, Maggie Myers and Matt Traster.

Don Button called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM.  Don is applying for training for 4 more HazMat Techs from the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant.  In November and December we had two personnel attend the HazMat Tech classes.  Now we have a total of 9 trained Technicians.

City and County Law Enforcement and Fire Department have applied for CEDAP Grants for equipment.

The ODP Grants for 2007 will be determined by regionalization.  The state is in the process of deciding how the regionalization planning will work.

NIMS National Incident Management System training will be December 20, 2005 at the Fire Department at 6:30 PM.

We discussed the Southwest Kansas Health Initiative meeting on December 14, 2005.  Dr. Sam Graham talked about Avian Bird Flu and Ella Vajnar talked about surveillance and investigation.  Sue Riley talked about the KDHE Lab. Mike McNutly and Sandy Johnson talked about the Strategic National Stockpile.  Julia Hanson talked about the Packing and Shipping of Diagnostic Specimens and Infectious Substances class to be held in Liberal on December 16, 2005. John Dombaugh talked about regionalization in Colorado.

Discussed Tetra Tech’s Foreign Animal Disease Plan Annex and Standard Operating procedures and how some of it will not work in our county.

The official U.S. government Web site for information on pandemic flu and avian influenza is  This has valuable information on preparing your family, home and business for an outbreak.

The backup generator for the Law Enforcement Center and Emergency Operations Center and part of the Courthouse has been installed.  However, it has not been tested at this time.

Sharon and Sherry from the Health Department reminded everyone it was not to late to get a flu shot and to wash your hands often to prevent the spread of germs, and to stay at home if you are sick.

John Crosby announced that after the first of the year the Rescue Squad would be under the Fire Department instead of Emergency Medical Services.

Mitzi Stamey introduced the new Infection Control Nurse at the Hospital Beverly Myers.

Dave Wagner said after the first of the year the Transfer Station should become a Household Hazardous Waste Satellite Station for Seward County Landfill and KDHE.

Tom Kramer stated there was a problem with radio reception in parts of the county and asked if there was any way to improve this problem. Possible solutions were discussed.

On January 4, Don will be going to Topeka for an After Action Review of the EMAC deployment to Mississippi.  The Communication trailer should be ready in Lawrence and Don will try to pick it up on his way back to Ulysses.

The next meeting will be at 5:00 PM on January 19, 2006 at the Grant County Fire Department.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.


Vivian Button