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March 17, 2005

LEPC Meeting


Vivian Button called the Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.   Eleven members were present.  Vivian Button, Richard Everett, Richard Banes, Cindy Reeves, Alan Olson, David Wagner, George Bushnell, Sherry Thompson, Al Baker, Chuck Anderson and Tom Kramer.

Seventy people attended the NWS Storm Identification/spotter training meeting March 8, 2005.   The State Tornado Drill was held on March 15 with the hospital, Schools, Care Home and Courthouse participating.

Mass fatalities in WMD class in Ulysses on April 13-15 at the media room at Pioneer Communications.  We have 51 people signed up already.  Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts has authorized for 6 hours of Recertificiation training for Mortuary people and Kansas Board of EMS has approved 16.5 hours.

Our Hazmat trailer from our 2003 ODP monies will be picked up Friday, March 18. 

Don and Vivian attended the WebEOC Training in Garden City on March 10.  WebEOC is a state virtual Emergency Operation Center.  It has two-way communications with the state and other counties.

ODP Grant 2005 monies are  $101,500.  2004 ODP Grant monies are open and equipment is being ordered.  We are working on getting the electric wiring for the new generator put in before all of the concrete gets poured in the back parking lot.

7 County Regional exercise possibly July 28. Matt Mercer SW homeland Security Coordinator is setting up the exercise. This will be a tabletop.  The location has not been confirmed yet.

Sherry Thompson with the Grant County Health Department stated they administered 113 Tetanus Shots at the Health Fair.  She is working on standard operating procedures for mass inoculation or medication dispensing.

Richard Everett with Southwest Kansas Health Initiative stated he had been attending Southwest Hospital Emergency Response Team (Shert) Presentations in Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal and Satanta.  They are going to try and bring the Packaging & Shipping Class to our area as soon as it is available again.  He also request a Public Information Officer Class (PIO) be brought to the southwest area.  This request will be sent to the KDEM Training Cadre.

Cindy Reeves with Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital stated that approximately 1500 blood samples were taken at the Health Fair.  It took the hospital three days to run the lab work and the results should be forth coming shortly.  A meeting has also been set up with the Hospital Regional Bio-terrorism organization or Southwest Hospital Emergency Response Team (Shert) for April 26 at the Pioneer Communications Room.  This presentation is to explain their planning and development of recourses and how they will help in an emergency or disaster.  They are still looking for a CEO.

Dave Wagner from the Transfer Station and land Fill said the Spring Cleanup is being set up for April 23 thru 30.  They are still working on the Household Hazardous Waste disposal.  They hope to have it available for the Spring Cleanup.


George Bushnell said he was very impressed with the Storm identification/spotter training put on by the National Weather Service.

Al Baker from Columbian Chemical stated they had been working with the after school program.  They are also getting their Flair Stack to burn tail gas started it should be up and running by August.

Chuck Anderson from BP stated BP would have a booth at the Spring Fling with information on the Southwest Kansas Community Driving Awareness Day sponsored by BP on April 30 at the Civic Center from 10AM to 6PM.

            The next meeting date is April 21, 2005

Meeting adjourned 7:40PM.

Meeting Dates for rest of year  

May 19, 2005

June 16, 2005

                                                            July 21, 2005

                                                            August 18, 2005

                                                            September 15, 2005

                                                            October 20, 2005

                                                            November 17, 2005

                                                            December 15, 2005