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            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present.


            Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the minutes of the July 2 and July 9, 2002 meetings and the claims against the various funds of the county.  Gene Schwein seconded the motion.  Following clarification of several bills, the motion passed unanimously.


            Henry Helmke, Southwest Kansas Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Foundation, Inc., presented a request of $5,000 in financial aid so they will be able to continue providing quality residential services to the 26th Judicial District.  The commissioners will consider his request.


            Scott Nichols, Chamber of Commerce Manager, and Mark Skiles, Economic Development Coordinator, met with the board.  Mr. Nichols presented a request for a 2% increase in the transient guest tax.  The commissioners asked them to get with the Historical Society and work together to develop a budget utilizing the money that would be received through the tax.


            LaVonne Michael, Senior Center Director, and Jim Anderson and Mollie Beard, Board on Aging Members, presented their budget request for 2003.  They requested $283,732, which is a decrease of $900 from their request last year.


            Brad Welch, Appraiser, reported that he is combining the reappraisal and appraisal funds for the 2003 budget.  He hopes to replace two old PC’s next year.


            Sherry Thompson, Health Department Administrator, reported that there might be a 6 – 10 % decrease in state funding for the health department later in the year.  Discussion was held on the bioterrorism preparedness and response contract.  The county attorney will review the contract before it is approved.


            Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator, and Tom Kramer, Road Foreman, requested approval to solicit bids for two motor graders.  The commissioners approved this request.  Discussion was held on replacing the truck that was wrecked with a one-ton truck.  Mr. Kramer said he has been in contact with the architect regarding the carport for the assisted living unit.  He will try to have more information by the next meeting.  Mr. Goldsby reported that Nancy Ramski has been hired as the building and grounds manager at the civic center.  Since there is a large amount of concrete that has been received at the transfer station, approval was given to solicit bids for getting it crushed.


            Lance Babcock, Sheriff, presented information on film and development costs for his department.  Approval was given to purchase 11 new digital cameras.  With the county attorney’s approval, diversion funds will be used for some of the cameras.  Drug funds will be used for the remaining cameras.  The cameras will be used by both county and city officers.


            Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the budget plan for Cimarron Basin Community Corrections for FY 2003.  Gene Schwein seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


            Gene Schwein made the motion to request our vendors to stock blended ethanol and have county vehicles use this fuel exclusively when possible as acknowledgement of the plight of American agriculture.  Carl Higgs seconded the motion.  Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


            Harold DuPree, Airport Board Member, presented the engineers recommendation for the contractor on the airport project.  Gene Schwein made the motion to approve recommending Dobson Construction and Kayton Electric as the contractors for the airport project.  Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


            Based on recommendations from the Department Head Committee, Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the following changes to the county policy manual:  (1) Page 8, Section G – Pay for Unused Sick Leave Upon Termination be changed to read:  Any employee who has accumulated the maximum allotment who terminates employment in good standing shall receive payment for twenty (20) of the unused sick leave days; (2) Page 9, Section 3.16 Funeral Leave.  The second sentence be changed to read, Additional time off with pay may be arranged through the department head; (3) Page 10, Section 3.20 Leave Without Pay.  The first sentence be changed to, the department head must approve time off without pay. (The commissioners must approve a long-term leave of absence.); (4) Page 11, Section 3.23 Travel Leave.  Fair Labor Standards policy should be added; (5) Page 12, Section 4.2.  The dates in the last sentence will both be changed to July 1; (6) Page 15, Section 6.5 Exit Interview.  The first sentence will be changed to read, Upon termination, all terminating employees will be requested to have an exit interview with the department head and another department head, commissioner or another county employee; (7) Page 22, Section 11.2 Health Insurance.  The waiting period for a new employee to begin health insurance coverage will be the first day of the month following 30 days of full time employment with the county; (8) if an employee gives a two week notice to end employment, the department head can tell that person to go home and he/she will be paid for the two weeks; and (9) that it be left up to department heads to make sure their employees work the required number of hours per week with no adjustments made by the payroll department.  This will be reviewed at the end of the year.  Gene Schwein seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


            The Board of Commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on August 6, 2002.



Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                        Madison Traster, Chairman