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C20080819                                                                                                     August 19, 2008


            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. with Chairman Marty Long and Commissioner Carl Higgs present. Commissioner Madison Traster was absent due to his attendance at a WEKANDO meeting. County Clerk, Linda McHenry was also present.


            Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the minutes of the August 5 and August 8, 2008 meetings and the claims against the various funds of the county. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed.


            The commissioners presented Vivian Button with a certificate from the Kansas Emergency Management Association designating her as a Kansas Certified Emergency Manager. The commissioners commended Mrs. Button for her successful completion of the courses required to achieve this accomplishment.


            The decision was made to change the first meeting date in October to Wednesday, the 8th due to a conflict with the Southwest Kansas Association of Counties meeting in Morton County on Tuesday, October 7th.


            The decision was made to change the second meeting date in November to Friday, the 14th due to a conflict with the annual Kansas Association of Counties meeting which is being held November 16-18.


            Holly Mathes, Librarian, requested approval to designate a parking space for an older employee during the winter season. The commissioners approved the request.


            Randy McCauley, Road Department Administrator, talked to the commissioners about building up Road C between Road 20 and 21. Carl Johnson attended this portion of the meeting and confirmed that he would like to have the road built up. The commissioners explained that all property owners have to agree before a road can be built up. Mr. McCauley explained there are 2 cottonwood trees that will have to be removed if they are in the county’s right-of-way. The commissioners gave their approval to build the road as long as all property owners are in agreement. Later in the day, Marshall Kepley was contacted and said he approved the road being built up.


Other road department business items follow. Mr. McCauley requested and received approval to solicit bids for crushing concrete they have on hand. Discussion was held on the bypass project. Mr. McCauley requested approval to purchase a used manure spreader from Bill Rogers at a cost of $5,700 which is his trade-in amount. Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the purchase of the manure spreader. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed. Chairman Long reported Jeff Schoonover contacted him regarding the fact that the material used to treat prairie dogs on his property killed and/or injured several of his domestic dogs. He is requesting the county waive the $1100.00 treatment fee since he has a substantial veterinary bill caused by the treatment material. The commissioners approved forgoing the cost of the treatment. Carl Higgs made the motion to adopt a resolution to place a stop sign at Road M and Road 21, stopping traffic on Road M. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed.


            At 10:30 a.m. Chairman Long opened the budget hearing for public comment. One person from the public was present. Chairman Long explained that the county’s 6 mill increase was due to one mill for regular county operations including fuel increases and the other 5 mills cover bond and interest projects which were voted on by the citizens of the county. Carl Higgs made the motion to adopt the county’s 2009 budget in the amount of $20,919,882.00. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed.


            Lance Babcock, Sheriff, reported he received a grant of $61,000.00 to help pay for Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) software. Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the expenditure of $27,773 from the wireless and E 911 funds to Global Software for the remainder of the CAD cost. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed.


            Heather Heckman, local citizen, expressed her concerns regarding the fact that she can not purchase flood insurance for her home since the city does not participate in the FEMA Flood Plan. The commissioners directed her to the city council regarding this.


            The commissioners recessed for lunch with the city council. Discussion was held on both entities budget hearings as well as general discussion.


            A group of local citizens who are interested in starting a support group for people, who have had a child die, met with the commissioners. They would like to meet once a month and would like to use a room at the civic center at no cost if possible. Carl Higgs made the motion to waive the fees for use of a room at the civic center for the support group. Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed.


            Marty Long made the motion to adopt a Workplace Substance Abuse and Testing Policy for all Grant County employees. This will not include elected officials or seasonal help such as election board workers. Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed.


            Kenny Sneyd, local businessman, explained there are problems with towing vehicles initiated by a call from the law enforcement center. He said it is sometimes difficult to know if it is a city or a county job. He explained there are times he does not receive payment for a tow. He would like to roll the cost back to the county after exhausting all means of collecting for the tow. He said the maximum amount the county might have to pay would be $800.00 or $900.00. Mr. Sneyd said if something can’t be worked out he would probably start asking for proof of insurance when called to tow a vehicle. If none is available, he said he would probably refuse the job. The commissioners said they would like to wait until Commissioner Traster is back to discuss this matter and they would also like to talk to the city council and the sheriff and police chief to see if something can be worked out.


            J. D. Neufeld, Civic Center Manager, met with the commissioners. Marty Long made the motion to recess into executive session for 15 minutes for the purpose of discussing non-elected personnel. Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. After 15 minutes the meeting continued in open session.


            The commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on September 2, 2008.




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Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                               Marty Long, Chairman