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August 9, 2007


LEPC Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM by Vivian Button. Members present were Roger Gardner, Jerry Deckert, John Crosby, Jeff Baier, Richard Banes, Todd Hampton, Toni Irvin, Karla Wood, Shayla Hernandez-Jaquez, and Don Button.  Armando Minjarez and about 26 concerned citizens from Bedrock Mobile Home Park were present to talk about storm shelters.


We talked about the BP Southwest Kansas Community Driving Day on August 25 at the Civic Center.  There will be several booths and different things for people to participate. It is from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


We are going to set up Community Emergency Response Team training.  It is a 20 hour course.  It will take several days to complete. The training consist of Disaster Preparedness for individuals and families, Fire Safety  and Light Search and Rescue which will be taught by the Grant County Fire Department , Disaster Medical Operations taught by Grant County EMS,  Disaster Psychology, Terrorism and information on Community Emergency Response Teams.  We will be advertising this with the media when we have it set up.


The Shelter Committee had talked to both Pioneer Electric and Pioneer Communications; they stated their buildings were not designed as storm shelters.  We looked at some lights Mr. Hathaway had brought to Emergency Management.  That would flash or light up that could be put outside a home or building to let people know it was open and people could come there for shelter.  Law Enforcement had a problem with these lights, they thought it would be an invitation for someone to come in and rob the location. We have not contacted the Ministerial Alliance they do not meet again until September.


Pioneer Communications have discontinued the use of the SAM radios over their cable system. Channel 10 was discussed we will try to put sound with the power points.


Armando Minjarez was the spokes person for the Bedrock Group.  He translated for some of the people.  Several members of the group spoke.  Some of their concerns were where to go during a storm for shelter, the traffic to get to town, how scared the children are when the wind blows hard and the clouds get dark.  Some of the people do not have transportation.  Some locations are open during business hours for shelter, but when they close the people have to leave and find somewhere else to go.


Some of the things we discussed were trying to find grants that would help pay for storm shelters.  Try having a fund raiser to help raise money.  To have a designed Community Shelter some one would have to be available to make sure it was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year and have bathrooms.  A privately owned shelter does not have to have bathrooms.  Todd Hampton stated it would probably cost at least $250,000 dollars for a shelter for 300 people.  It might be better to have several smaller shelters as opposed to one large shelter. Because it is privately owned land there is not a lot the city or county can do.  Don will be going to Greensburg and he will look into what FEMA put with their Mobile Homes. 


Don Button thanked everyone for coming.  The community needs more participation from its citizens.  We all know funds are tight for everyone.


Toni Irvin had a correction to the minutes of the last meeting.  She said she had not been named the new Bioterrorism Coordinator at the Health Department.  This will be stricken from the June minutes.


Jeff made the motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting after that correction is made. John seconded.  Motion carried.


Next Meeting will be September 13 at Grant County EMS at 6:00 PM.



Submitted by Vivian Button