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September 13, 2007


LEPC Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM by Don Button. Members present were Roger Gardner, Jerry Deckert, John Crosby, Jeff Baier, Todd Hampton, Al Baker, Sharon Phelps, Alan Olson, and Don Button.  Gary Hathaway visited with the committee about storm sheltering.


John made the motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Jeff seconded.  Motion carried.


We had a lengthy discussion on the need for storm shelters and possible locations. We discussed several different ideas and options.  However, the best solution is still the buddy system.   


The Buddy System is basically: Contacting friends or neighbors who have a safe room or basement that will allow you to come to their home during a storm.  The key factor is to make the plans a head of time and go there before the storm develops into a tornado or gets severe.  When the sirens sound it is too late to go look for a place to go. You should already know where you are going and be at that location.


We also discussed using the schools for shelters. The Superintendent Bill Hall had addressed the committee several months ago.  He will be contacted again to see if he has gotten anything set up.  The Committee asked Don if he would address the sheltering question to the School Board.  He stated he would talk to Bill Hall first and go from there.


Don and Vivian Button with Matt Mercer meet with the Ministerial Alliance on Thursday September 13 and asked about using some of the churches for storm shelters.  Some of the churches do not have basements.  We will set up a time to look at the churches and find the safest location for their congregation if a storm arises quickly and they have to take shelter.  The Ministers will also talk to their congregations about using their churches for shelters.


Don gave an update on the Southwest Kansas Regional Emergency Planning Council.

Don had pictures of the tornado shelters that are set up at Greensburg with the FEMA trailers.  These pictures have been given to Armando Minjarez and the Bedrock Committee.  They are looking into the cost.


The Committee discussed when to have the Community Emergency Response Training.   It is a 20 hour course.  It will take 3 Saturdays or 6 evenings.  The Departments will check their schedules and get back to Vivian.


When changes are made to the NETEOP, the Emergency Operations Plan, e-mails are generated and sent to the Primary Departments.  That is why everyone is receiving these e-mails.


EMS has a PALS Training set up for October 5 & 6 and ACLS set up for October 19 & 20.  EMS is also looking at having an Emergency Medical Technician class or a First Responder Class after the first of the year.


Upcoming training

            Medical Management of the contaminated patient Oct. 16 & 17th Ulysses

            Amateur Radio Operating License (HAM Radio) October 27 at the Civic Center

            Incident Command System ICS 300 in Johnson November 13 and 14

            Incident Command System ICS 300 in Garden City October 25 & 26 Garden City


Next Meeting will be October 18 at Grant County Courthouse basement Training Room at 6:00 PM.


Roger Gardner made a motion to adjourn the meeting. John Crosby seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


Submitted by Vivian Button