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November 15, 2007


Don Button called the meeting to order at 6:07 PM.  Those in attendance were Alfred Baker, Jeff Baier, Don Button, Vivian Button, Jerry Jo Deckert, Richard Everett, Todd Hampton, Toni Irvin, Randy McCauley, Nahum Manzano, Sharon Phelps, Luis Sandoval, and Dan Bynum.


Al Baker made a motion to accept the Minutes to the last meeting.  Jeff Baier seconded and motion carried.


In Colby on December 3 and 4 will be an Incident Command System 300 class and on December 5 and 6 will be an Incident Command System 400 class.


Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning Grant has to be applied for by December 31, 2007.  Several Fire Fighters are interested in attending a Railcar Specialist Training in Pueblo.  This would help us prepare for the Ethanol Plant and its transportation issues. 


Amateur Radio Operating License (Ham Radio) Class went well on October 27 at the Civic Center.  31 out of the 32 attending the class passed.  The one that did not had to leave early and he took the test on Wednesday and passed.   Seven or eight counties were represented at the class.


The Southwest Kansas Regional Emergency Planning Council is getting all of their projects lined out for the 07 funds and are trying to finish the 06 funds because all 06 funds have to be spent before you can start spending 07.  Some of the projects are training for Law Enforcement, Schools and Responders, It will be 3 days and all expenses will be paid; outfitting the Mass Casualty bus that will be housed at Grant County EMS; training and equipment for the Incident Management Teams, Preparedness pamphlets and more radio equipment for the region.  The region has added a cross band repeater, UHF and VHF and 800 MHz base radios and some portable radios to our communications trailer.  We will be doing training on how to run the cross band repeater and other equipment.


All department heads need to check all employees to make sure they have completed the IS 700, ICS 100 and ICS 200.  Employees and elected officials need these 3 classes at a minimum to be NIMS Compliant.  Grant and Government funds are tied to being compliant.


Update on our Federal Disaster DR 1675, the ice storm, some of the Road Damage was not covered.  Don is requesting a second appeal and a state representative will be in the office the first week of December to help with the second appeal process.  This appeal will go to Washington DC.


Don meet with Mr. Hall the High School can be used for a storm shelter during school hours. 


We are waiting to do the Community Emergency Response Team Training until after the first of the year.  We are also looking into doing this training thru the High School.


The county needs to develop a Debris Management Plan.  It will be an attachment to our Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP).  Several copies of the LEOP basic plan and ESF attachment were handed out to be looked over.


Jerry Jo Deckert stated the ACLS and PALS classes went well.  They had 11 attend each class.  These classes are a 2 year certification so they will have these classes again in 18 to 20 months.  EMS has finished the Athletic standbys.  They are having a 6 hour training day on December 1st.  One of the interesting things that we learned at the November 6th class was that East and West roads in town are Avenues and North and South roads are streets.  An Emergency Medical Technician class is also starting in January.  It will run until May or June. 20 people have already signed up but could use more.


Richard Everett stated Dodge City will host an Amateur Radio Class on December 15.  They are looking at Towers they can use to help with reception.


Jeff Baier stated they are going to have a Fire Fighter II class after the first of the year.  It will be mostly internet based.  However, several hands on classes will have to be attended in Garden City.


Sharon Phelps and Toni Irvin stated flu shots were winding down but they still have some if you need one.  Anita is still adjusting to all the added work she has as the administrator.


Randy McCauley stated Road W should be open soon.  They are building it up, but it will not be sealed until next year.  When it is done it will be blacktop from Road 5 to the Kearny County Line.  He also stated with how dry it is the dirt and gravel roads are becoming washboard like and it makes them hazardous at high speeds and hard to stop.  To be safe take the blacktops as much as possible.  We still have 7 months to complete the work from the Ice storm that FEMA has approved, but it is to dry to put gravel on the roads it will just make it worse.  Road and Bridge is also gearing up for winter weather and snow.  Road D between Road 17 and 19 needs to be avoided if possible it needs some repair work done.  They also thanked Rubin for the millings that the city provided.


Randy also stated they have no planned work for Road H at the Ethanol plant at this time.


Todd Hampton talked about an ad for the Hearing Date for Wal-Mart of December 20 was taken to the newspaper. The Ethanol plant is putting in Hydrants with monitors and foam.  They have 8 and 10 inch lines with 100 lbs of pressure.  The care home construction is making good progress. He also talked about some proposed duplexes, apartments and some other possibilities.  Bud Newberry has resigned as the City Manager effective January 4.


BP has mostly completed their pipeline project.  Their next project will be in Kearny County.


Al Baker made the motion to not have a December meeting to make the next meeting January 17.  Randy McCauley seconded.  Motion carried.


Dan Bynum made a motion to adjourn.  Randy and Toni seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Submitted by Vivian Button