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Vivian Button called the meeting to order at 12:00 Noon with John Crosby, Jerry Deckert, Richard Everett, Roger Gardner, Sharon Phelps, and Frank Goldsby present. 


Motion to approve the minutes to the last meeting was made by John Crosby. Motion seconded by Sharon Phelps.


SWKHI Health Department Food Bourne Illness tabletop was held in Hugoton on July 15.  Fifty-five participants attended the exercise from the 5 counties.  Grant County had 10 attend:  4 from Health Department, 3 from Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital, 1 from Grant County EMS and 2 from Emergency Management.  Sharon Phelps expressed the Health Department’s appreciation for the people who attended.


No one had any comments or questions about the NIMS Compliance Metrics that was given out at the last meeting.


Grant County Fair is July 19 thru 26.  Emergency Services will have booths at the fair.  Booth set up times are: Monday 12 noon to 9PM, Tuesday 8am to 9PM and Wednesday until 11 AM. Booths must be in place by 10:30 AM and remain in place until 9PM Friday


The FEMA Resource Typing information that was given out at the last meeting is set up mostly for larger cities and we do not have many of the requirements.  The State of Kansas sent out a Resource Typing worksheet that mostly uses the size of equipment and capabilities.  We will also be completing this information.


Jeff Baier and Dave Harbour from Grant County EMS and Fire are gone to the Railroad Specialist School in Pueblo from HMEP Grant


The dates for the ICS-400 class in Garden City are July 22 -23.  To register contact Finney County Emergency Management


Radiological training Garden City week of August 18


Red Cross wants to do a Community Shelter operations class.  It will explain how to set up a shelter and what needs to be done in each county.  The class is 2 ½ hours long.  This is so some one in each county can set up a shelter and run it during another ice storm or event. 


KEMA Conference will be September 16 to 19 in Topeka. Pre-conference training will start on the 16th and the Conference Starts on the 17th.


Citizen Corps Conference will be Oct 3, 4, and 5 in Salina, Kansas.


Roger Gardner talked about the projects Pioneer Communications are working on this summer. 


John Crosby stated the Fire Department had slowed down. He is waiting to see if his budget is approved.  The Fire Department needs to replace some extrication equipment and look into some water rescue equipment with the lake opening.  Several people have already been caught swimming in the lake.  John’s other concern is when the lake freezes over and someone falls thru the ice.  They have several new people in the junior fire fighter program and a few new fire fighter volunteers.


Jerry Deckert stated that EMS has several CPR and First Aid classes lined up for July, August, and September.  When they are done approximately 200 people will be trained or recertified.  EMS will be sending 3 Paramedics to become instructors for PHTLS (Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support.  After training, EMS will conduct PHTLS classes here.


We discussed changing the time or doing something different since we only had 7 people in attendance.  It was decided to continue to have the meeting at lunch for next month.


Next meeting 8-21-08


Jerry Deckert made a motion to adjourn.  Roger Gardner seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Vivian Button.