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Don Button called the meeting to order at 12:12 PM with 12 members present. Nahum Manzano, John Crosby, Terry Crosby, Rubin Flores, Richard Banes Jr., Richard Everett, Sharon Phelps, Anita Quimby, Jeff Baier, Roger Gardner, Don Button and Vivian Button


John Crosby made a motion to approve the Minutes of last meeting on July 17, 2008. Motion was seconded by Rubin Flores.  Motion carried


NIMS Compliance Metrics that was given out at the June meeting, we need to know how many from your group are trained in 700 100 and 200 and how many need trained. The Metrics has to be finished before September 30.  Also each department needs a Point of Contact that is in charge of knowing and keeping a record of how many need NIMS classes and how many have completed these classes.  Don will look at how many need NIMS training and set up classes.


The Fair went well. Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department and Emergency Management had booths.  There did not seem to be as many booths inside but more animal entries and people at outside things.


We are still working on Resource Typing. At a previous meeting we gave out the National Resource Typing requirement.  Now we are in the process of giving out the Kansas Resource Typing information. Kansas is requesting the size and type of equipment. Does it use Gas or Diesel fuel and what size engine.  How big a load it can carry?  That type of thing.


Red Cross wants to do a Community Shelter operations class how to set up and what needs to be done in each county. 2 ½ hours Tues or Wed.  The Group decided on maybe the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  They would like to see a class in the afternoon and one in the evening.


KEMA Conference is September 16 thru 19 in Topeka.  The Keynote speaker is Jason Jackson, Emergency Management for Wal-Mart Nation wide.  Some of the classes are Pet Sheltering, ESF 6-Mass Care, EM – GIS, National Weather Service, Foreign Animal Disease, Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operation, Lessons learned and others.


We hope to have an information meeting on September 22 and start a new CERT Class on September 27. We are going to try and do the class every Monday night and have the exercise on Saturday, November 15.


Citizen Corps Conference is Oct 3, 4, 5 in Salina.


An ICS 400 training will be held in Satanta on October 8 & 9.  You must register on Ks-train.


08 Funding Regional Council will be approximately $697,000. If someone has a project they would like presented please let Don know before September 10th, the next Regional Council meeting.  25% of the funding goes to Law Enforcement projects.   They want part of it to go to IED preparation and protection. Some of the other things they are looking at are: Patient reporting and tracking, the Trauma Council in Garden City is helping to put this together; School first responder training, 187 people attended the School violence training held in Dodge City this year; position specific training for the IMT teams, 2 to 5 days long; 800 MHz enhancement.


We have 100 – 800 MHz radios for hospitals, EMS and Dispatch that are waiting to be programmed. These were purchased with 2006 and 2007 regional funds.


The LEPC was asked if they wanted to start meeting quarterly or to continue meeting monthly. The group decided to continue to meet monthly. The next meeting will be September 25.


Nahum Manzano of BP stated BP had completed drilling of wells.  They will be replacing pipeline up by Kearny County.  They will be taking down the old plant west of town within the next 6 months or so. They are looking at doing an Incident Command exercise in October.  The Community Safe Driving Day is August 23 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Civic Center.


Rubin Flores stated the sewer and storm drain work is taking longer than planned because of the rain.


Roger Gardner of Pioneer Communications stated they had completed the work on the schools before the start of the fall term. They worked on all of the schools but Joyce.


Richard Everett of Southwest Kansas Health Initiative stated they had received funding for another year and will have to complete another exercise before August 1 of 2009.


Matt Mercer, Bill Brubaker, Chuck Magaha and Don Button are looking into going to a Conference in Illinois about All Hazard Incident Management teams.


Next meeting is September 25, 2008 at 12:00 Noon at Fire Department.


Roger Gardner made a motion to adjourn.  John Crosby seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.


Submitted by Vivian Button