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Alfred Baker called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM with 9 members present. Jerry Deckert, Richard Everett, Roger Gardner, Frank Goldsby, Todd Hampton, Sharon Phelps, Janet Thomeczek, Vivian Button and Alfred Baker were in attendance. Jerry Deckert made a motion to approve the Minutes of last meeting. Sharon Phelps seconded. Motion carried.


Don is teaching ICS 300 class Dodge City Jan 14 and 15th. There will be an ICS 400 class March 4 & 5th Dodge City.  They are trying to set up an ICS 400 class in Stanton County but they do not have a date yet.


Emergency Management has most of the information on the resource typing from the City of Ulysses and the Grant County Departments. We are going to start sending out letters to the private industries and try to include them. This way if the State or another county is looking for specific equipment we will know who to have them contact or who we can contact if we have an event or a disaster.


We have almost all of the information to develop our Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).  Three or four departments have not gotten their information in yet.


Carolyn Henry of the Garden Area American Red Cross conducted two Community Shelter Operations classes on January 5th.  The 3PM class was attended by 7 people and the 6PM class was attended by 5. We had eleven Grant County citizens and one Stanton County.  Of the eleven from Grant County seven are members of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Don has been working with Pioneer Electric and will be moving the town of Hickok’s Siren to the West. This should be done in the next two to three weeks. The new siren has been installed at Michigan Avenue and Ping Court in the alley.  This should reach to the new nine holes.  The siren at Road 10 and Rogers at Collectica has been put on a new pole. The siren at the Civic Center is not working.  The mother board has been sent in and we are waiting to see if they can tell us why it keeps going out. Don wants to thank Pioneer Electric for donating and setting the siren poles.


We have received a grant to upgrade our Mitigation Plan.  This looks at the problems the County and City could face and how to lessen the impact.


Our 3 year exercise plan has us doing a workshop on a School shooting or intrusion.  The difference between a workshop and a tabletop is we discuss how everything needs to be done and work on developing standard operating guidelines. Then the tabletop tests these guidelines to see how well they work and what needs to be changed. Law Enforcement and the schools have been working on this. To comply with our EMPG grant we need to do a workshop and a table top or one full scale exercise a year.  The new guideline state we have to notify KDEM three months in advance of the event.


On January 27 from Noon to 4:00 PM the hospital will be holding a table top exercise at the Fire Department. They need Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, School, Health Department, Pastors, City and County public works to be involved. The hospital has to do an exercise to comply with requirements. Janet also talked about they had completed the Hospital Emergency Operation Plan, Evacuation Plan and Mass Fatalities Plan.


Richard Everett talked about KDHE is putting on a March Health Madness exercise for the Health Departments. It will be a week long event.  This will also include other department and entities.


Elections were held. Jerry Deckert made a motion that Don Button be retained as the Chair and Alfred Baker as the Co-Chair and it be accepted by acclamation. Janet Thomeczek seconded. Motion carried.


EPA has now mandated that all Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations over a certain number of animals have to report emissions of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which are the most recognized hazardous substances that are emitted from animal waste under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). They are required to report to the state and local emergency planning officials by Tuesday, January 20.


The National Weather Service Storm identification and spotter training will be March 10th at the Lawson Room at 7:00 PM.


Jerry Deckert stated they have 4 enrolled in the paramedic class and will start their field ride along this spring.  EMS investigating a  EMT-I class. The class room lecture will be done by ITV from Garden City and then the skills will be done at the site location.  It maybe held at 7 or 8 sites around the region.  EMS will be at the Health Fair and do BP’s and Blood Sugars.


Pioneer Electric and Pioneer Communications will be hosting the Grant County Health Fair on March 21.


Sharon Phelps stated the Grant County Health Department still has about 200 doses of the free flu mist.  It can be given to people from 2 to 49.  They received these from a grant.


Roger Gardner from Pioneer Communications stated they had been busy. There is a lot of building going on around the community.


Frank Goldsby made a motion to adjourn.  Janet Thomeczek seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:54 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Vivian Button.