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Don Button called the meeting to order at 12:05 with 14 members present.  Alfred Baker, Don Button, Vivian Button, John Crosby, Jerry Jo Deckert, Richard Everett, Roger Gardner, Frank Goldsby, Bill Hall, Marshall Lewis, Nahum Manzano, Alan Olson, Sharon Phelps, and Janet Thomeczek were present.


Jerry Jo Deckert made a motion to approve the Minutes of last meeting.  Frank Goldsby seconded.  Motion carried


Alfred Baker and Alan Olson of the Exercise Committee are going to meet after the LEPC meeting.


The 800 MHz radio program the Southwest Kansas Regional Emergency Planning Council (SWKRPC) has been working on will be program on July 17 and the radios will be given out at the SW Kansas Regional Emergency Planning Council meeting Aug 5 in Ulysses.  The Council is also working on a GIS project.  They have basic GIS training in Garden City July 28 and 29 and a Most Valuable Player GIS meeting August 25 at 5:30 PM at the Lawson Room at the Civic Center to discuss what layer we would like to be to use in our map layers.  Three other meetings will be held Garden City, August 25 at 9:30 AM, August 26 Dodge City at 9:30 AM and Scott County at 5:30 PM. We also discuss the Regional Mass Casualty bus project.


A Federal disaster has been granted for the March snow storm.  The County and City of Ulysses qualified for category B, snow removal and E.  Don Button has been meeting with FEMA and the City and County to complete all of the paper work.


LEPC minutes are now on the Grant County website.  Kansas Emergency Management has a new LEPC Handbook.  Links to both of these have been put on the Emergency Management web page.


HMEP Grants for planning, training and exercise are now available.  We discussed some of the requirements and what it can and cannot be used on.  We will have to match 20% of what ever we receive. The paper work has to be returned to KDEM by August 15, 2009.


The 2009 Region 7 LEPC/TERC Emergency Planning & Response Conference will be August 6-9 at the Sheraton Sports Complex Hotel, 9103 E. 39th Street, Kansas City, Mo. This Conference always has very good training.  If you would like to attend contact Don Button for more information or go to   There could be grant money available to help with cost.


A Donations Management Class will be held in Garden City August 18 and 19. A Basic Public Information Officer class is scheduled for October 27 thru 29 at Liberal. There is no cost for the class and you can register on KS-Train. For other training go to  In Olathe, KS is a class September 18, 2009 Emergency Responders and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.


In Topeka on July 30th and 31st will be a Human Services in Disaster Summit.


Janet Thomeczek from Bob Wilson Hospital stated the addition is ahead of schedule.  The Administrator will retire as of December.


JJ Deckert from EMS stated they will be out at the fair and will also be helping the Lion Club with their wellness screening.  They have two new paramedics and two more that are working on taking the test.


Vivian Button with Emergency Management talked about the CERT Train-the-Trainer Class held the last of June and we hope to be able to put another CERT Training together for later part of September. 


Bill Hall, Superintendent of School, stated the school was adapting well to the budget changes.  They have been filling position from in house and doing some down sizing of staff. They have increase the video surveillance in all of the schools.  They have hired a new Facilities Director, Derrick Swinehart to replace Ken Kistler who retired.  He stated they really appreciate Law Enforcement for always responding to the school alarms so promptly.  He stated the Masonic Lodge members are going to be conducting a Child ID Program.  This collects finger prints, pictures and DNA for the child and is given to the parent to be stored. The information will not be stored any where except with the parents.   Law Enforcement will be given a list of names of all children who participate.  This should be available starting at school enrollment. They hope to do all children but the mail target area will be elementary school and female High School Seniors.  He stated the schools would be happy to participate in the training exercises.  Mr. Hall stated he is a member of the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools Working Group.  This group helps bring together the Emergency Services and the schools so they can be better prepared.  He thanked Don with Emergency Management and all of the other Emergency Services for working so well with the schools.  He stated most schools do not even know who their Emergency Manager is.  He stated the School Board also appreciated all of the community support and especially during the snow storm in March.


Sharon Phelps from the Health Department gave an update on the H1N1 Virus.  There have been 175 confirmed cases in Kansas.  Grant County has not had a confirmed case as of yet.


John Crosby Fire Chief stated things had picked up in his department.  They have received their new extrication equipment and used all of it at the accident out west.  They have 3 members completing the Technical Rescue class this weekend.  This class focuses on rescues that are out of the ordinary. The Commissioners have given their permission to use the old care home for training starting in two weeks.


Richard Everett with Southwest Kansas Regional Initiative stated they are working on a POD or Point of Distribution exercise.  It will be held in Stanton County but people from all 5 counties he represents will be helping along with the Incident Management Team for the Region.  Because we do not have a lot of population if we have to do a POD all of the counties will have to work together.  They are trying to put an Incident Action Plan together so they can use it as a template if needed.


Marshall Lewis with Area Mental Health stated they are working on budgets and will be able to apply the funds they have to the areas most in need.


Nathan Manzano with BP stated they will be doing a shut down next week and will be testing their ESD system


Don Button with Emergency Management spent Monday and Tuesday in Topeka at the State Strategic Planning Summit.


KDEM has hired a new Regional Coordinator. He is Keith Henderson. He started July 13.


KEMA Conference is September 16-17-18 in Topeka, Kansas.


Do to other meetings and scheduling concerns the next LEPC meeting date will be September 10.


Roger Gardner made a motion to adjourn.  Janet Thomeczek seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM.