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September 10, 2009 Minutes


Chairperson Don Button called the meeting to order at 12:06 PM with 12 members present and one guest.  Don Button, Vivian Button, John Crosby, J. J. Deckert,  Richard Everett, Frank Goldsby, Keith Henderson, Danny Law, Alan Olson, Sharon Phelps, Luis Sandoval and Bill Hall.  Dean Newman was a guest.


Frank Goldsby made a motion to approve the Minutes of last meeting.  J. J. Deckert seconded.  Motion carried


Alan Olson gave an update from the exercise committee. It will be an orientation on problems at the school and what the school will do and what is expected of emergency services.  EMS has been approached by an oil and gas company to help with an onsite drill.  JJ told them they also needed to talk to Emergency Management, the Fire Department and other department that will be involved.  The plans for the drill have not been finalized.


Don has the 800 MHz radios from the regional council. He has given out the radios for Law Enforcement dispatch, ambulance departments and the hospitals.  Don has operated some of the portable radios from his office and they hit 6 towers. The towers are still analog and not digital yet.  The Emergency Services will be purchasing new radios that will page over the radios and will comply with the new narrowband regulations. By using the paging radios we will only have to purchase one unit instead of purchasing a radio and a pager. We are updated now so we do not have to do it all in 2012.   At this time the radios are UHF and the pagers are VHF so by using one unit we only have to update the UHF and this will save money within the county.


H1N1 still the best thing you can do is wash your hands. And be pro-active.  Go to for up to date information or KDHE website. There will be a meeting at the hospital on Friday morning to discuss flu season.  The schools will work with the Health Department and KDHE and will offer flu vaccine clinics.


The Southwest Regional Emergency Planning Council is completing the paperwork for their FY09 grant funding.  The Region got $653,957 to spend on projects.  The projects they are working on are Enhancing the Incident Management Teams with training and equipment; Search and Rescue; Emergency Triage and Pre-Hospital Treatment and tracking; Planning and Training and exercise with a focus on Animal Health; Geographic Information Systems; and Interoperable Communications. JJ asked about when the mass causality bus would be completed.  Don stated they do not have an estimated time of completion.  They are covering the windows of the bus for added security.  It should be completed some time after the first of the year.


Upcoming trainings are NetEOP/Vulnerable Needs Registry October 12 in Ulysses; Basic PIO (Public Information Officer) in Liberal Oct 27-29; “Who’s in charge here?” is in Scott City on November 12 and CERT Training September 24-27 in Ulysses. 


The NetEOP is a web based Emergency Operation Plan.  The Vulnerable Needs Registry is to register individuals in the area that have special needs. In the event of a power outage, snow storm, tornado or other form of disaster, emergency services could retrieve that information and know who to check on and what to take with them.


Pioneer Electric and Pioneer Communication 2009 Safety Fest Program  will be October 3 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Grant County Recreation Center at 120 West Grant.


Sharon Phelps from the Health Department stated they have started giving flu shots and they encourage everyone to get a flu shot.  And they encourage everyone who is eligible to get the H1N1 shots when they are released.  It is a good idea to have some time between shots.  They are also doing on-site flu clinics at some of the industries.  J J asked when the estimated date of release for the H1N1 shot. The last of October or the first of November is the prediction at this time.


Richard Everett with the Southwest Kansas Health Initiative said they are going to be doing a POD exercise in Stevens County next week using the flu vaccine.  John Crosby is going to bring some of the IMTs over to help with the POD.


Bill Hall, superintendent of schools, stated they are trying to keep up with the H1N1 information.  The latest information says not to close schools but keep sick children and facility home.  If staffing becomes a problem, then they would consider closing school.  They are trying to be pro-active.  The School has applied to send some members to Emmetsburg, Maryland for “Multi-Hazards in Schools” training.  They are putting together a preparedness team that will consist of 5 from the school and 3 from emergency services. He stated they are more prepared than most districts.  BP will be putting on a Safe Driving Fair at High School and Middle School on September 23.


Luis Sandoval from BP stated they had several prizes to give away at the Safe Driving Fair at the schools. They will also be doing a program at the Elementary Schools on Friday. He also stated KHP Officer Ron Knoefel will be coming to speak to each school.  On September 24 they are going to have an IMP Drill starting at 8:00 AM at the Civic Center in Finney County.  They have 3 rigs working now. They hope to drill between 30 and 60 wells in 2010 and if that goes well they will  increase the number in 2011.


Danny Law from Pioneer Electric stated most of the work crews have left Grant County and are now working in Stevens County.  They should have all of the FEMA work done by this time next year.  He stated they have several training programs,  they would be glad to present to organizations.


Don Button introduced the Southwest Kansas Homeland Security Regional Coordinator Keith Henderson.  Keith talked about grant monies available for full time students taking the paramedic course.  J. J. said two of the new paramedics utilized these grants.  The Ambulance Service’s have to apply for these grants and you are obligated to serve on the ambulance service for two years to fulfill the requirements.  One of the students from the Ulysses Career Learning Academy is also taking advantage of this grant.  Keith also stated Kansas Emergency Management‘s main focus for 2010 will be more on Response than on Mitigation.


John Crosby, Grant County Fire Department Chief, stated they have been doing training in the old care home building.  Stanton County has sent some responders over to train also.  They will continue to use the building and do training as long as they can.


J. J. Deckert, Grant County EMS Director, stated they have two Pediatric Advanced Life support classes scheduled, one this weekend and one in November.  The training will be Friday evening and Saturday all day.  EMS will also be participating at the Safety Fair and will be available for the Safe Driving fair at the schools.


Vivian Button reminded everyone if they received a survey from the city to please fill it out and return it.  


Next meeting date October 15


John Crosby made a motion to adjourn.  Jerry Jo Deckert seconded.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Vivian Button