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April 15, 2010

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Don Button called the meeting to order at 12:17 PM with six members present. Members present were Sheila Brown, Keith Henderson, Al Baker, Roger Gardner, Don Button and Vivian Button.


Al Baker made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting. Motion Seconded by Roger Gardner.   Motion carried.


EF-m Consulting has requested more information for the Mitigation Plan. Don will be setting up a planning meeting in the very near future. We have received the strategies, goals and objectives to look at to help mitigate hazards for our community. Some of these are:  Look at building how to lessen impact of hazards; Flood plain and insurance and Zoning regulation in city and County.  Grant County does not have a large flooding problem unless we get a large amount of rain or snow.  We do have some flash flooding.


Don Button attended the ?Strengthening Community Agro security plans? FAD training put on by the County Extension office. Learned some procedures we could use for ESF 6 mass care and ESF 8 medical and health assessment. Our area surprised the instructor with what we have in place and that we think outside of the box. They are presenting 43 of these classes and only 3 will be in Kansas.


G908 Joint Information System/Joint Information Centers class will be in Satanta on April 20-21 Class. This has been changed from a 3 day course to a day and a half.


The G408 Homeland Security Planning Course for Local Governments in Wichita on April 27-28 has been cancelled


Interoperable Communication training May 10th from 1:00pm to 5:00PM at the Fire Department. This First round class will be on UHF, VHF, Moto Bridge, and 800 MHz and understanding how to make them work and issues with radios.


Southwest Regional Emergency Planning Council is still working on spending the FY07 funds, still completing their FY08 and FY09 Projects and are starting their FY10 projects.  The exercise trailer will be picked up on April 29 and will be housed in Ulysses.  The SWERV (Southwest Emergency Response Vehicle) is about to be completed and it also will be housed in Ulysses.


The old Hospital Generator has been moved to the Civic Center to be stored until the decision is made on whether to set it up at the Civic Center or sell it or use it somewhere else.  The generator has about 400 hours of use.  Don talked to the hospital and hospital board. The Hospital and Most of the continuity of Operations plans for the county government use the Civic Center as a backup site.  This would give the Civic Center backup power if needed.


Sheila Brown with the Grant County Health Department stated they still have H1N1 vaccine but it will expire on April 29.  This fall the H1N1 will be with the regular flu vaccine.  There is a new PCV13 vaccine for strep throat.


Meade County will be hosting an OK Kids day on May 1, 2010. They would like Don to bring the Communications trailer to use at the event.  They are also thinking of using some of the Incident Management Team members. They are also looking at setting up an Incident Action Plan (IAP) for Registration on Friday and IAP for the event on Saturday.  1400 kids attended the event last year.  


Roger Gardner stated the walking paths at Frazier Park are very nice.


Al Baker made a motion to adjourn.  Sheila Brown seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 12:50PM.


Next meeting date will be May 20 at 12:00 Noon at the Grant County Courthouse.


Respectfully submitted by Vivian Button