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C20100728                                                                                                    July 28, 2010


            The Board of County Commissioners met in special session at 9:00 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present. The meeting was called to finalize budgets for the various departments of the county.  Steve Rice, Auditor, also attended the meeting.

            At the start of the meeting, using the budget amounts requested by all departments and entities, there was a 14.45  mill increase over the current budget. Most departments submitted requests that were lower than their current budget. Mr. Rice explained that along with the decrease in valuation, the state kept $400,000 of the county's severance tax this year. They also kept $250,000 of the county?s severance tax last year. Interest on investments is also very low. This combination, along with the library, hospital, and care home bonds, which the voters favored, makes a levy increase unavoidable.

            The commissioners talked to Sheriff Lance Babcock about the possibility of not replacing a deputy if one quits. They talked to Doug Yoder, Care Home Consultant, and Pam Gindlesberger, Care Home Board Member, regarding care home expenses.

            After reviewing all requests and making adjustments to some, the estimated mill levy increase will be 8.86 mills.

            A copy of the approved budgets is attached as a part of this record.

            The commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on August 3, 2010.


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Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                                 Carl Higgs, Chairman