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April 21, 2011

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Alfred Baker called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM with 9 members present.  Members present were Vivian Button, Alfred Baker, John Crosby, Richard Everett, Kristy Frazee, Roger Gardner and two new members Linda McHenry, Commissioner and Ryan Veesart, Area Mental Health.


Roger Gardner made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting. Motion was seconded by Frank Goldsby.   Motion carried.


Commissioners passed a resolution allowing the Commissioners or Fire Chief to declare a burn ban.  It has to be published in the paper one time before it becomes effective.


Nine attended the Foreign Animal Disease Workshop held in Ulysses. The Southwest Regional Council is holding these meeting to help with planning and an exercise.


National Weather Storm Identification and spotter training on April 4, 2011was attended by 35.


Don Button attended the MGT 317 Disaster Management for Public Service in Dodge City 3-29 and 30. It looked at how Public Works is a responder and how they work within the system.


Upcoming training was discussed.


Ten people are attending the Resource Unit leader training in Ulysses.


John Crosby said the Fire Fighter I class was going well, only one student had dropped out.  He also stated 840 acres of Grant County burned on April 3.  A discussion was held on the recent fires. What went well, what needs improvement, what improvements they are making and how to make things work more efficiently? We talked about turning off heating and cooling units when smoke is bad so it will not pull it into the home or business.  The Southwest Emergency Response Vehicle (SWERV) was used to evacuate the Satanta Care Home residents from Sublette High School to Garden City and it was also used to transport them back.


The Fire Chiefs and Emergency Managers that were involved with the fires will be holding an after action review in Satanta to go over issues and develop plans and procedures for mutual aid.


Richard Everett stated Stanton County a Point Of Distribution exercise and a hospital exercise next month.  They are working on an Incident Action Plan.


Ryan Veesart, Area Mental Health, stated he has 6 years experience with EMS, is on the Crisis Response Team and a member of the FEMA Regional Response Team.


Roger Gardner stated Pioneer Communications did not have much damage from the fires.


Linda McHenry talked about reworking the loan on the Legacy to save the county money, but they were unable to rework the hospital loan at this time.


Vivian Button passed out a copy of the Duties and Responsibilities of the LEPC.  An LEPC handbook is available and it was decided it would be a good idea for the members to have a copy.  The Kansas EPCRA Tier II forms for our county are housed in the Emergency Management Office.  A copy of the LEPC bylaws will be sent to the members and we will look over them at the next meeting to see if anything needs to be updated.


The next meeting is May 19, at 11:30AM


Motion to Adjourn was made by John Crosby and seconded by Frank Goldsby. Meeting was adjourned at 12:33 PM.


The minutes are respectfully submitted by Vivian Button.