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C20110906                                                                 September 6, 2011


The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 7:30 am with all members and the County Clerk present.


A breakfast meeting with Economic Development and the City of Ulysses to discuss the future mission of the Economic Development Board was held.  Those in attendance were:  Economic Development Board Members, Ray Velasquez, Greg Wartman, Jerry Brown, Shanda Swinehart, Tim Cantrell, and Kathy Tyler;  City of Ulysses, Daron Hall, Administrator; Dana Cotherman, City Clerk; and Council Members, Janet Stewart, Dan Widder, John Battin, and Tim McCauley.   The city and county discussed areas which they would like to see the Economic Development Board focus.   It was the consensus of the Economic Development Board to draw up a mission statement with clear objectives.  The commissioners expressed their concern with the Economic Development Director position only being part time.  The board agreed the job description for a director needs to be finished and then a full time director can be hired.


Wayne Flanders, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, led with the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.


The monthly department head meeting was held with the following in attendance:  Kristy Frazee, Health Department Administrator; John Crosby, Fire Chief; Jerry Jo Deckert, EMS Director; Dan Bynum, Road Foreman; Rita Gee, Treasurer; Mary K. Sullivan, Register of Deeds; JD Neufeld, Civic Center Manager; DeDe Lane, Purchasing Agent; and Lance Babcock, Sheriff.


Dan Bynum, Road Foreman, presented a road crossing permit, which was reviewed and approved by the commissioners.


Jeff Trotman, Santa Fe Trail Spokesperson, received 150 signs for the Santa Fe Trail tour route through an $8,000 grant from the Park Service.  Mr. Trotman stated the Park Service requested each local jurisdiction install their signs to comply with the grant requirements and he needed the commissioners to make a commitment to put up the 57 signs that will be in Grant County.  Dan Bynum attended this portion of the meeting.  Mr. Bynum agreed the Road and Bridge Department could put up the 57 signs for Grant County.


JD Neufeld, Civic Center Manager, would like to purchase an automatic traveling sprinkler for the Civic Center Complex.  They have been watering, but they are overwatering in some areas and under watering in other areas.  Mr. Neufeld presented three quotes for a Micro Rain 32 traveling sprinkler from Teeter Irrigation for $3,599; Hughes Cleaning Equipment for $4,207; Knutson Irrigation Design for $4,200.  Carl Higgs made the motion to purchase the Teeter Irrigation Micro Rain 32 traveling sprinkler at a cost not to exceed $3,599 and to be purchased from the special equipment fund.  Marty Long seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Kristy Frazee, Health Department Administrator, asked permission to dispose of three computers and a printer.  Marty Long made the motion to dispose of the computers and printer using appropriate methods at the landfill.  Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Marty Long made the motion to approve the minutes of the August 16 and August 30, 2011 meetings along with the claims against the various funds of the county.  Carl Higgs seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


The Supplemental Agreement No. 1, a Construction Services Agreement and the Selection for Consultants for the Airport Project 13 was reviewed and approved by commissioners.


Matt Nichols, Pitney Bowes Representative, met with commissioners to discuss the lease on the postage machine.  Rita Gee attended this portion of the meeting.  Ms. Gee asked the commissioners to allow her to research other vendors before they made a decision.


The Legacy @ Park View Board Members, George Bushnell, Larry Gustuson, Larry Rumburg, and Greg Davis, met with commissioners.  Marty Long made the motion to recess into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss personnel issues.  Carl Higgs seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


The commissioners reviewed two sick leave donation requests submitted by the county clerk.  After review, it was the consensus of the commissioners to approve both requests.


The commissioners adjourned at 12:25 pm to meet again in regular session on September 20, 2011.




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Sheila Brown, County Clerk                                        Linda McHenry, Chairman