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February 16, 2012

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Don Button called the meeting to order at 11:35AM with eleven members present.  Those present were Alfred Baker, Don Button, Vivian Button, Jerry Deckert, Richard Everett, Kristy Frazee, Roger Gardner, Frank Goldsby, Danny Law, Nahum Manzano and Linda McHenry.


Jerry Deckert made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Motion Seconded by Frank Goldsby.   Motion carried.


The LEPC member list for 2012 was presented to the Commissioners and they have approved the membership.  This list will be sent to the CEPR for approval.


Don gave out copies of The Kansas Planning Standards, Grant County?s basic Local Emergency Operations Plan and ESF 1 and 2 for members to look over before the March meeting where we discuss what changes need to be made.


The National Weather Service will present the 2012 Storm Identification and Spotter Training on March 6 at 7:00 PM at the Lawson Room of the Grant County Civic Center.


We discussed the Tier II reports that we have received. We are working on a form to request Tier II information.  We have received about 2/3 of our Tier II forms.  They are to all be submitted by March 1st


Kristy Frazee, Grant County Health Department, talked about the Community Reception Center in the event of a radiation emergency.  We looked at the Kansas Community Reception Center Flow Diagram.  We discussed location for the Reception Center.  It would depend on where the radiological accident happens and what kind of leak, whether alpha, beta or Gamma.  We talked about how many survey meters we have in the county.   We also discussed decontamination. The main guidelines from KDHE have not been completed and released. We will discuss this topic further once we have received the KDHE guidelines.


Pioneer Electric and Pioneer Communications Health Fair will be March17 along with their annual meeting. Danny Law stated the Pioneer Electric annual meeting will talk about the increase in rates.  The rate increase is from the top down.  The EPA has put fines and fees on Sunflower and in turn the price of electricity is going up.

Local Emergency Planning Committee Conference will be April 3-4-5 in Salina, Kansas.

The Emergency Management Support Association of Kansas Conference is March 29-30 with preconference training on the 28 about Social Media.


Jerry Deckert stated they have been conducting lots of CPR and First Aid training. They have trained over 125 people and have more training coming up.  The KEMTA Conference is March in Hutchinson.  EMS is holding preliminary training in February, March and April for the transition classes this fall.


Linda McHenry stated the Commissioners signed the papers for the Wind Farm.  Construction of phase one is suppose to start the middle of March. There are 3 phases.  They should employee about 400 temporary workers while it is being built and 14 full time employees when finished. 


Kristy Frazee stated they are completing training for electronic records.  She would like to hold some exercises to make sure their backup systems work.


Roger Gardner stated Pioneer Communication is still working on fiber optics in homes.


Nahum Manzano stated BP is dis-mantling the old plant.  It should take about 3 months.  It will be done in stages.


Richard Everett talked about the KDHE-SHERT Regional Exercise on June 14 in Garden City from 8AM to 3PM.   They need County Official as well as EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management to be involved.


Danny Law invited our members to be a part of the Southwest Kansas Safety Council.  They meet quarterly at the Garden City Coop. He does not believe the electricity from the wind farm will stay in Grant County.  They are still having large loads come thru town with their own bucket trucks.  If you see a large load with bucket trucks come to town please inform Pioneer Electric.  They are suppose to call before they come to town so Pioneer can assist with power lines or reroute them so they do not have to move lines.  EPA is putting a lot of regulation on coal plants and that is part of why our electric rates are increasing. 


Alfred Baker gave an update on Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  They had training on psychological first aid. Their next meeting will be March 6th at the National Weather Service training.


Next meeting March 15 at 11:30AM


Motion to Adjourn was made by Alfred Baker and seconded by Frank Goldsby.

The meeting adjourned at 12:49PM.