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May 17, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Don Button called the meeting to order at 11:32 AM with eleven members present. Members present were Jeff Baier, Don Button, Vivian Button, Bonnie Deiter, Richard Everett, Carolyn Henry, Cathy Hernandez, Danny Law, Marshall Lewis, Alan Olson, Cathy Tyler, and Janet Thomeczek.


Janet Thomeczek made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Motion Seconded by Jeff Baier. Motion carried.


The Kansas Division of Emergency Management has set up a planning meeting for July 31 and August 1 to look at the planning standard and our Local Emergency Operations Plan and to instruct us on how to put the information into the new Super System.  Please sign up on KS-TRAIN for the class. Vivian Button did a demonstration of the website.  At our June meeting we will look over the Emergency Support Functions 3, 4, 5 and 6. We want to make sure the primary and support organizations are correct.


On June 11 in Garden City a Train-the-Trainer Workshop will be held on Emergency Preparedness for Long-Term Care.


On June 14 in Garden City the ?KDHE-BCHS Exercise: SHERT Tabletop Exercise, When "IT" Hits The Fan (1031653) Listeria Outbreak? will be held.  The target capabilities to be tested or functions to be tested are Medical Surge, Communications, Medical Supplies Management & Distribution, Emergency Public Information and Warning, Epidemiology, Public Safety and Security Response.

The week of May 22 to 24 or 25 Mobile Radio will be narrow banding our radios and repeaters.  Blue Valley Safety will also be here to do the narrow banding on the sirens.


Don talked about the website for safety training videos. This is the Chemical Safety Board website.


We are trying to set up a Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) training probably the second week of August.


The ICS-400 class in Cimarron has been cancelled due to low enrollment.


Richard Everett talked about the Community Health Assessment the Health Departments have been conducting.  They are also working on Standard Operating Guidelines for Radiation Events and updating their Mass Dispensing guidelines.


Marshall Lewis talked about watching the legislature for budgets and funding.  They are also working on an Emergency screening pilot project done over video.  They are also understaffed at this time and have been for some time.


Danny Law stated Pioneer Electric Cooperative is updating their Emergency Operations plans and redoing some transmission lines.


Cathy Tyler, BP/Linn Energy stated they are still working on the transition. It should be completed by June 28 with Linn Energy taking control on July 1st.  Joel Lee will be the new onsite manager.  She also talked about the compressor fire they had and how everyone worked together really well and the Fire Department had the fire under control quickly.  They also talked about the new 500 foam that was used and how quickly it cooled everything down.


Bonnie Deiter talked about also watching the legislature for school funding.  This is her last meeting.  She will be missed.  The committee thanks her for her participation. 


Jeff Baier stated EMS and Fire had been busier with more calls.


Cathy Hernandez talked about the 800 MHz towers at Morton, Meade and Greeley are now on line.  All of the towers in Southwest Kansas are now operational.  The National Weather Service will start broadcasting on the Southwest 11 Event 2 channel of the 800 MHz?s radios during storms as well as the NOAA radios.  Finney County has a new Emergency Manager.  His name is Michael Paz Torres. Kansas Division of Emergency Management has several job opportunities.  They need two Exercise specialists and one Grant Program Manager. She also reminded everyone of the Hospital exercise on June 14 in Garden City.


Don talked about the Southwest Safety Council meeting he attended.  The grain cooperatives, private industries and electric companies are a few of the representatives of the group. The council will be bringing an 8-hour Grain engulfment rescue training to the area in the near future at no cost.  Wheatland Electric will present the program in June on Electricity and Public Safety.


Next meeting June 21 at 11:30AM


Motion to Adjourn was made by Jeff Baier. Motion seconded by Bonnie Deiter.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:36 PM.