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August 16, 2012

Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee Minutes


Don Button called the meeting to order at 11:34 AM with seven members present. Those attending were Alfred Baker, Don Button, Vivian Button, Jerry Deckert, Alyssa Duncan, Richard Everett, Nancy Lucas, Tammy Oxford, and Dave Younger.


Jerry Deckert made a motion to accept the minutes to the last meeting.  Motion Seconded by Alfred Baker.   Motion carried.


A discussion was held about the planning workshop the state of Kansas conducted on July 31 and August 1 in Ulysses.


Don talked about the new OSHA requirements for Labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  MSDSs will become Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and will have standardized format with16 sections.  Hazardous Material labeling will have a new format with pictograms.  They will be a more complete label.


The new 2012 Emergency Response Guides are available.  Don stated there are several changes and classes need to be held to update the responders with the changes.


The improvement plan has been completed and turned into KDHE and KDEM for the June 14 exercise.  The people who participated in the exercise got together and completed the Improvement Plan and set times for when improvements needed to be completed. The State was impressed that we work together so well.


We held a Workshop to look over Emergency Support Function (ESF) 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.  To ESF 7 it was recommended we add Parkview Assisted Living, The Legacy at Parkview, Grant County Purchasing Agent, Southwest Kansas Health Initiative, Salvation Army, City of Ulysses Administration, Ulysses City Council and Grant County Commissioners to the Support Agencies. To ESF 8 we should add Bob Wilson Memorial Grant County Hospital and Grant County Emergency Medical Service with the Grant County Health Department for the Primary Agencies.  Also on ESF 8 to the Support Agencies we should add Grant County Senior Center, Grant County Funeral Home, Garnand Funeral Home, United Methodist Western Kansas Care Center Mexican-American Ministries, Ministerial Alliance, Parkview Assisted Living and The Legacy at Parkview. To ESF 9 to the Primary Agency along with the Grant County Fire Department we need to add the Grant County Sheriffs Office and Ulysses Police Department.   To ESF 10 we should add Grant County Emergency Management to the Primary Agency with the Grant County Fire Department.  On the Support Agencies we need to add City of Ulysses Council.



ESF 11 Primary Agencies are Grant County Emergency Management and Grant County Health Department and we need to add Grant County Extension Office.  To ESF 11 Support Agencies we need to add Ulysses Vet Hospital, Grant County Road and Bridge and Ulysses City Shop.


At the October meeting we will look at Emergency Support Function 12, 13, 14, and 15.


For our LEPC to be compliant we have to look over our By-Laws every year.  Vivian will e-mail our by-laws and an example from the state for the membership to look at and we will discuss any changes that need to be made at the September meeting.


Upcoming Training:  Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course will be held on November 13-15 in Garden City.  Colorado is offering a Public Information Officer (PIO) Course in Lamar.


Alyssa Duncan from Linn Energy stated they are still trying to get everything changed.  They are working on putting new signs on all of their facilities.  They are also working on their Material Safety Data Sheets to change them to the new OSHA format for Safety Data Sheets.


Don also talked about some issues several counties are having with water because of the oil field fracking.


Richard Everett stated the Health Departments have grant funding for another year.  They did get an increase.  They have completed all of the requirements up to now.  He also talked about the West Nile virus in Texas and Nancy Lucas from the hospital said there has been one case in Kansas.


USD 214 had some issues with their new radio system.  They had a backup plan set for Wednesday if the radios did not work.  However, Wednesday morning the first day of school the Radios worked very well.


Jerry Deckert from EMS stated they have an Adult Advanced Care Live Support and a Pediatric Advanced Care Live Support classes coming up.  This is a 13 or 14 hour program.  They are getting ready for football standby for the Varsity, Junior Varsity, C Team, 7th and 8th Grade and Pee Wee.  They will start their Mandated Training for the EMT-I staff in October and it will go thru March.


Alfred Baker reminded the members of the Kansas Emergency Management Association Conference in September.  We are trying to get another Community Emergency Response Team Training set up.


Next meeting is September 20 at 11:30AM at the basement training room of the Grant County Courthouse.


Motion to Adjourn was made by Alfred Baker and seconded by Dave Younger.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Vivian Button