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Date: October 23, 2003


To:  Local Emergency Planning Committee Members

Julia Hanson, KDEM            Richard Hernandez, EFm Consulting LLC

Delmer Dunham, Scott and Lane County Emergency Management

Don Button                 George Bushnell       Sherry Thompson      Sharon Phelps

Vivian Button             John Crosby              Sean Gooding           Sebastian Kunz

Richard Perez           Richard Banes          Steve Sawyer            Jeff Baier

Tom Kramer              Jim Spencer              Ruben Flores Dave Cruz

Darl Henson

            Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM on October 23, 2003 in the basement of the Grant County Courthouse with 17 members and 3 guest.

            Richard Hernandez from EFM Consulting who did the County Hazardous Analysis discussed how it could be used to help the county and to help protect our responders.

            Oktoberfest  -- October 16, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in conjunction with Kansas Division of Emergency Management held an exercise for the area hospitals in Garden City.  Nine participates represented Grant County (3 hospital, 2 health department, 1 law enforcement, 1 EMS, 1 fire and 1 Emergency Management).

            Grant County’s DOJ Grant for 2003 Part 1 $30,780.52 Part 2 $78,255.49.  We do not get the money but we can order equipment and training that will help prepare responders for Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents.  We had to prepare an assessment for the next rounds of Grant and that paper work was finished on October 24.  Don and Richard thanked everyone who helped fill out the paper work.  Since we are starting to get Haz-Mat equipment, monthly training is being set up to utilize the equipment.

            The next project is the Mitigation 20/20 program.  Help will be needed from Planning and Zoning and all other departments to complete this Federally mandated program.   Don is still working on the Foreign Animal Disease Plan.

            Threat and Risk assessment training has been scheduled for January 20, 21 and 22, 2004 at the Pioneer Communications Media Room.  This training is through National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center at Texas A & M University.  We need a minimum of 32 participants to hold this training.

            Sherry Thompson reminded everyone to get their flu shot.

            The next meeting will be November 20, 2003 in the basement of the Grant County Courthouse.

            If you have any question, or if I can help further, let me know by calling me at (620) 356-4430 or e-mail me at

                                                            Don Button, Coordinator,

Grant Co. Emergency Management

108 South Glenn, Ulysses, KS 67880

620-356-4430 or Fax 620-356-2884