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            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present.


            Gene Schwein made the motion to approve the minutes of the June 1, 2004 meeting and the claims against the various funds of the county. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


            Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator, and Charles Berry, Land Man for Oxy met with the commissioners. Mr. Berry reported that he is procuring right-of-way and has received permission from all landowners for road crossing permits except for one individual. The individual is asking for more money than the company is required to pay. The commissioners approved the road-crossing permit. Mr. Berry provided an explanation of several other road-crossing permits in the northeast part of the county. The commissioners approve the road-crossing permits.


            Sean Gooding, Emergency Medical Service Director, presented an update on his department.


            Darl Henson, Keri Liddeke, Mary Sullivan, Grant County Extension, Paul Hartman, Area Director, and Katrina Benyshek and Jason King, Extension Council Members, met with the commissioners. They reported that they are moving to the West Industries office until a permanent place is found. The cost for renting the space will be $375 a month plus utilities. The commissioners agreed to pay the rent for the office space. Mr. Henson presented their 2005 budget request, which shows an increase of $5,000. The primary reason for the increase is because of the continued increase in health insurance costs.


            Lance Babcock, Sheriff, reported that the Department of Corrections (DOC) inspected the jail. There were several items that have to be addressed before he will be able to house DOC prisoners. Most of the items pertain to paperwork and they will be done. Sheriff Babcock said he is still interested in adding a bigger exercise yard on the north side of the Law Enforcement Center.


            Bobbie Lewis, Grant County Recreation Commission Director, talked to the commissioners about her five-year plan as it regards the county swimming pool complex and ball fields. The following are items she discussed: (1) Sandblasting and resurfacing the pool is not a high priority at this time; (2) The bathroom stalls will have to be redone soon; (3) She said the water heaters are still working but will have to be replaced sometime; (4) Ms. Lewis reported that the outdoor pump is going to be less than the $3500 than was originally quoted. She said Mr. Huslig did get another quote for the pump; (5) They are not interested in putting a sewer system at the ballparks right now; (6) The reel that a solar cover for the pool goes up on takes so much space that there is no place left for patrons to walk; (7) They plan to have the lights installed at the Legion or varsity ball field sometime this fall. In other business, Ms. Lewis explained the problems with the filtering system for the outdoor swimming pool. She explained that the system is not functional which causes the heater to burn out. The outdoor pool is not being heated due to this. She said the temperature of the water without the heater is 76 degrees and with a heater would be 78 degrees. The commissioners asked Ms. Lewis to make a written five-year plan with cost estimates so they will know what her priorities are.


            Judy Alig and board members representing Communities in Schools presented their 2005 budget request of $10,000.


Anita Mason, RRISK, presented a request for $13,000 for their 2005 budget.


Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator, presented the bids for remodeling the commercial building. After reviewing the bids the commissioners tabled a decision on the project.


Sherry Thompson, Health Department Administrator, presented an update on her department.


Frances Roberts, Librarian, and Dee Longoria, Board of Trustees Member, presented plans for the parking lot behind the courthouse and their 2005 budget request. Mrs. Roberts explained that they are open 65 hours a week and will need to add a part time position.


Don Button, Emergency Management Coordinator, presented information on ODP funds. He explained that the funds were put into two projects. One project consists of providing an emergency generator that will be used by the courthouse and the law enforcement center. Mr. Button explained that the grant would pay for the generator and the installation but not for construction of a pad to set it on. The other project consists of updating hand held radios and purchasing an incident response vehicle.


Daron Cowan, Fair Board, presented their 2005 budget request.


Madison Traster made the motion to appoint LaVonne Michael as a representative to the Southwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging Sub-Region Council. Gene Schwein seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


The commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on July 6, 2004


Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                      Carl Higgs, Chairman