Driver's License

Driver's License Department

The Grant County Treasurer’s Office is a “limited service” driver’s license station. In some cases we may have to refer you to a “full service” station.

With proper documentation we do the following: renew non-commercial driver’s license, renew identification cards, issue driver education instructional permits, issue duplicate replacement licenses and process address changes.

We do not process Commercial Driver License (CDL’s), issue first time identification cards (ID's) or change out-of-state licenses to Kansas driver's license. Please call 620-356-3886 or 620-356-1551 with any questions you may have.

More information may be obtained by visiting the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles website.

Non-Commercial Class Driver's License Fees

Driver License Office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

License TermLicense ClassLicense FeeClass M FeePhoto FeeTotal Fee
4 yearsC$12.00
4 yearsCM$12.00$9.00$8.00$29.00
4 yearsA or B$16.00
4 yearsA or B with M$16.00$9.00$8.00$33.00
6 yearsC$18.00
6 yearsCM$18.00$12.50$8.00$38.50
6 yearsA or B$24.00
6 yearsA or B with M$24.00$12.50$8.00$44.50

Other Fees & Information

  • Instructional Permits are issued for 1 year and the cost is $10.00
  • Driver license applicants under age 21 receive a license until they are 21 at a cost of $28.00
  • Applicants age 21 to 65 receive a 6 year license
  • Applicants age 65 and over receive a 4 year license
  • Replacement fee for any type of license, permit or ID is $16.00
  • Name change on any type of license, permit, or ID is $16.00
  • ID applicants (renewal only) below age 65 receive a 6 year ID for $22.00
  • ID applicants (renewal only) age 65 and over receive a 4 year ID for $18.00