Gravesite Decoration Regulations

Services are scheduled by contacting the Sexton. All mortuaries, monument companies and individuals are required to contact the Sexton prior to any burials, headstone, foot stone or bench placement, engraving or other activity in any of the Grant County cemeteries. A fee will be charged for each time a space is flagged. 

The purpose of these cemeteries is to provide a space to bury the remains of a human being. Body limbs will be buried in the same lot where the person will be buried when deceased. The fee for a space reserves the right for a person to be buried in that space. Ownership of the land remains with the district. A space may be used for two levels of burials; however, the intent to do so must be known with the first burial in the space. Burial of animal remains is prohibited. The erection of a memorial or a mausoleum or any structure must have prior board approval. 

Decorations that are intended to remain on the gravesite year round are considered to be “permanent” decorations. All permanent decorations are to be placed on or immediately next to memorial stones or concrete foundations and must be secured at all times. Decorations that are out of compliance, blow over, become unsecured, or interfere with maintenance of the grounds will be removed and discarded.

Decorations that are intended to remain on the gravesite only during the Memorial Day season are considered to be “temporary” decorations. Temporary Decorations may be placed anywhere on the gravesite, headstone or foundation during the time period from May 15 – June 10. All temporary decorations remaining after June 10 will be discarded in order to resume maintenance activities. 

All plantings, such as trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, etc. and any structures on the grounds such as fences, borders, posts, etc. are not allowed. 

Decorations and tributes for loved ones should only be removed by the lot owner, the person who placed them, or cemetery staff for maintenance purposes. Decorations that are in a state of disrepair will be removed and discarded by Cemetery Staff. 

The Cemetery is not responsible to return any item that is discarded. 

All grounds maintenance is performed at no expense to individuals.