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Grant County Kansas

"Shortcut to the Rockies"

The Historic Adobe Museum, constructed of adobe blocks in the 1930s, is listed on the State Historic Register. A building steeped in history and a two-and-a-half-year renovation of the museum gallery makes this premier a must-see for all museum visitors.

The museum exhibits tell the story of life on the High Plains. The visual story is set into scenes, with dimensional murals and backdrops highlighting the exhibits.

An Indian Encampment on the banks of the Cimarron gives the visitor a glimpse into the life of the nomadic Indians who followed the immense herds of buffaloe across the Plains.

A Freight Wagon loaded with trade goods travels the "JORNADA" to Santa Fe. A sod house on the vast wind-set prairie was the first home for many pioneers as they came west in search of free land.

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